Monday, December 20, 2004

my thoughts on optimizing web sites

I've spent the last 5 or 6 years providing search engine optimization services through my business NetClimber Web Design. In fact, I came up with that name because my goal was to assist businesses in getting to the top of the internet - hence the name "NetClimber". Although search engine optimization has become the secondary focus of my business after web design, I continue to achieve excellent results for a number of small businesses. The fact is, a lot of resources can be put into optimizing a web site, but it has to have a payback result in order to be worthwhile. Finding a balance between efficient, effective web design, and a SEO (search engine optimization) service that promotes your web site, is key.

I provide services through NetClimber, as well as contract out to other web designers and computer consulting businesses that want to provide their customers with a complete package. It matters not whether I provide my services as a third party contractor, but the greatest hurdle in optimizing a site is trying to optimize something that someone else has built.
A lot of thought and consideration goes into the initial build of a site - when a client says its important to them that they achieve maximum results on the search engines and directory listings.

If a site is already built, a lot of time must go into reviewing, editing, and tagging in order to fully optimize the site. In some cases, web designers don't give any consideration to meta tags, image tags, titles relative to the individual pages, and most importantly - content. In fact, some designers, owners of web sites, and some "SEO" specialists, will take sites that haven't been optimized and submit them randomly to the search engines and directories, with no care taken in advance to give the site its best chance at a ranking, and with no consideration for the "spamming" factor that can impact the search engines, and ultimately the web site, in a negative way.

I'm going to leave you hanging on that thought, as I believe a blog is something to build on and I have some business I need to tend to at this time. Writing a blog is relatively new to me. I love to write and writing my thoughts and sharing ideas is a very exciting thought. I think people and business that are willing to share will succeed beyond expectations, both in the business world, and more importantly within their lives. I've left this blog without a finish, because I hope to make a habit of coming back on a regular basis and adding to it. If I understand blogging correctly, there will be others that might want to add to this blog and I look forward to hearing others ideas and ramblings. It will make for great reading.


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